Elza Bontempi


Municipal solid waste stabilization

Elza Bontempi was the scientific responsible of COSMOS and COSMOS-RICE projects, devoted to stabilization of fly ash and realization of demonstration plant, to prove the process industrial feasibility.
COSMOS inert was proposed for re-utilisation as secondary raw material, in several matrices, then preserving natural resources and RAW MATERIALS.

COSMOS inert was obtained by using only waste and by-product (with no addition of commercial chemicals).

COSMOS project video

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A paper published on 2016 analysed data about publication from 1999 to 2015 (realized by 90 countries) on waste-to-energy incineration.

It shows that China is the most productive country with 558 articles, followed by the Japan (404) and USA (283).  
However, Italy ranked the first in terms of h-index (40), indicating that it had a high level of influence in the field.

Main publications concerning fly ash stabilization:
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Coal fly ash (CFA) reuse

Fly ashes are recovered as sustainable materials as a possible adsorbent for anionic surfactant (Embodied energy as key parameter for sustainable materials selection: the case of reusing coal fly ash for removing anionic surfactants. Journal of Cleaner Production 2016).
Activated carbons are frequently used in water purification. However, in view of its high production costs and the complexity of its regeneration, the research of low cost adsorbents is today quite desirable. Research activity in this field moves toward the substitution of activated carbon with low cost materials.
To evaluate the environmental sustainability of a specific material, the CO2 footprint is generally the main parameter considered. Moreover, the embodied energy analysis is an efficacious and potent method to employ. Producing materials from ores and feedstock requires energy. It is defined the “embodied energy” and includes direct and indirect energy consumed during the production process of 1 Kg kg of a specific material.