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Business Idea Competition in Raw Materials 2016

pubblicato 10 nov 2016, 01:09 da Elza Bontempi   [ aggiornato in data 22 set 2018, 05:48 ]
STARS project won the competition. The team was made by the Slovakian company, Velaworks, and by University of Brescia (Chem4Tech Laboatory, with scientific responsability of Elza Bontempi), Italy, won the competition with the Business Idea STARS, which proposes the creation of a start-up for the industrialisation of the patented process COSMOS Fenix®. The process, developed in two EU funded LIFE+ projects, makes it possible to convert “hazardous” fly ashes produced in incinerators into filler for plastics, creating a valuable alternative to landfill. Furthermore, the filler obtained presents optimal properties as a flame retardant, allowing substitution of expensive and toxic Brominates and Antimony (Sb) based fillers presently used in plastic manufacturing.

Business Ideas Competition in Raw Materials