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Prof. Elza Bontempi received the degree in Engineering (full marks) at the University of Brescia in 1996.
She received the Ph.D. in Materials for Engineering in 2001. Her doctoral studies were mainly focused on thin films characterization using advanced X-Ray scattering techniques, in collaboration with CNRS of Grenoble (France). In 2000 she obtained a permanent position at the University of Brescia (Italy), where from 2011 is Full Professor in Fundamental Chemistry for Technologies.
Elza Bontempi activities were in her first research years mainly focused on the relationships between structure, microstructure, physical and chemical properties of materials. She has a well established experience in developing new analysis techniques, and setting up new, non-conventional analysis methods. 15 years ago she started to dedicate her research also to environmental chemistry sector, developing new techniques for heavy metals detection in air particulate matter and new technologies for heavy metals entrapment in fly ash.
From 2010 to 2015 she was the scientific responsible of two European projects (COSMOS and COSMOS-RICE) devoted to fly ash stabilization.
Currently her research activity is focused on the development of eco-materials, with great attention to their sustainability evaluation.
She was the scientific responsible of the team that in 2016 won the first prize of the European Business Ideas Competition for Innovation in Raw Materials.

She's co-author of three patents: PCT/IT2008/000458, concerning a new technology for air particulate matters filters chemical analysis, and BS2009A000234 (PCT/EP2010/007802) and MI2012A001382, concerning a new technologies for fly ash stabilization.

Her more recent research activity has been developed in the frame of the following projects BASALTO, RISANA, SINFONIA, and RENDERING.